Sexy bearded Brazilian Jonatas gets shafted by black barman Lucas.


FEATURING – Lucas Scudellari and Jonatas Bittencourt

In an almost-empty bar, sexy bearded Brazilian JONATAS BITTENCOURT bumps and grinds in a neon-lit gogo cage. Clad in a pair of skimpy black briefs a harness and a pair of chaps made of nothing more than elastic straps stretched around his powerful legs, he pulls down the undies to reveal a rock-hard stiffy bobbing in time with the music. But one guy is not missing the erotic display. Barman LUCAS SCUDELLARI is wiping up the glass-tiled bar, and catching Jonatas’ rousing dance moves. His dick is responding to Jonatas’ every move, and when the sexy dance steps to the bar to make small talk he steps out from behind to rub their crotches together and get a deep kiss.
Jon wants more from the sultry black bartender, running his long thick tongue across Lucas’ pouty lips. Lucas drops his drawers so Jonatas can get a musky taste of uncut Latin cock. His helping hand guides Jonatas down onto his erect pole as he sucks. It looks so good that Lucas gets on his knees to return the favor. He turns Jon onto an adjacent barstool to bury his thirsty face into the gogo boy’s smooth ass. Jonatas pokes his dick back behind him and Lucas slurps it down between butt licks. Jon’s hole and crack are smooth and perfect for rimming, but horny barebacker Lucas has other plans in store, to get his raw dick into that hot wet asshole.


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