RAWHOLE: DIEGO has hardon for Plowin’ Into Davos

RAWHOLE presents: Handsome 19-year old Diego has a hardon that won’t quit, and he needs a place to stick it. Good thing hot 20-something Latino bottom Davos is there to scratch that fuck itch, offering his smooth brown ass for the raw screwing.

Davos is lean and ripped, and Diego gets even harder once his dick is buried in that slick tight hole and he’s giving his buddy’s ass a smack, or two, or six…

Davos is not a bossy bottom, just pre-verbal. He moans loud and long every time Diego bumps his magic buttons. That ALSO gets Diego’s motor running in high gear. They’re a hot sweet match, with Diego pumping Davos full of the thick hard cock he’s starving for, and Diego getting constant reinforcement of how much Davos is loving it.


Davos gives Diego the full “trip around the world” as they screw in all the tightest, juiciest, slickest positions two young guys can get into and think they invented. When Davos’ hapy groans hit their peak, Diego is right on the edge as well, pulling out to slather cum all over Davos’ muscular cheeks and into the throbbing crack.

He slides his cummy cock around and back into the hole and they both slump down, fucked-out for at least a few minutes till those young cocks rise again.


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