RAWHOLE – Big dog Rick Paixao hammers Fernando Ferraro in “Pin the Pup Tail in Fernando”.

Built Latin stud Fernando Ferraro is hot and muscular as always, but unrecognizable as he perches on a stool in leather pup mask, wagging his ass for attention. Big dog Rick Paixao is just the canine to give that ass the attention it needs, pulling out a rubbery puppy tail mounted on a buttplug, and popping it into Fernando’s hungry butt. “Yiaoww!” Fernando yelps then goes back to wagging with pleasure. Rick slides the juicy plug across Fernando’s throbbing pucker and pumps it back inside. Both horndogs moan a satisfied “ahhhh” then Rick tenderizes Fernando with some sharp smacks across the ass.

These Two Brazilian fetish studs move on to a wet, licky oral with Fernando nursing on Rick’s thick prong. Paixao’s tool is stiff and ready for more. He yanks the tail out of Fernando’s asshole and plows his cock in raw. When he pulls out Fernando’s ass blooms like a rose, gets reamed again by tough fucker Rick. Paixao grabs Fernando by a shoulder and a hip and drives in deep and straight. He uses the leather harness around Fernando’s tight muscled chest to pull him deeper onto his swollen erection. Fernando is wide-open and dripping creamy lube and Rick slides in smooth to the fuzzy pubes. Pup Fernando is beating his cock with a vengeance, squirts out a sticky splatter across his furry abs. Rick hoses him clean with a powerful stream of piss, unleashes a volley of deep growls as his load cums spraying out all over Fernando’s muscular chest.


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