rawhole, Rico Marlon, Arthur Mondelo, Davi Paixao

RAWHOLE – 3 Muscle bound Brazilian beauties.

RAWHOLE present: Another scorching example of the incredible diversity of beautiful and horny men in Brazil, this menage a trois brings together three distinct and powerfully attractive types. Muscleboy tattooed top Arthur Mondelo has the look of a built Northern European tourist, with frosted blond locks and sculpted cheekbones.

Rico Marlon is pure South America Latino, with thick black hair and a solid muscular physique. The lucky bottom in this trio is Davi Paixao, a sweet and fuckhungry twink with curly brown hair and a sexy pout that goes perfectly with a cocksucking mouth. Put these three well-equipped bareback fuckers in a room and just watch the fireworks.

Arthur, Davi and Rico start out kissing, then the two top men hoist up Davi, each grabbing a cheek to size up his perfect little butt. When they set him down he goes to work sucking both their humongous dicks with gusto. Rico’s massive cock is so stiff it looks uncomfortable, though any bottom would love to be on the receiving end.


While Davi chows down on Rico, Arthur buries his face in the lean bottom’s asshole. After lubing that hole with some spit and tongue action, Arthur plows on in. Davi’s ass perks up and grinds back into every hard thrust, his long uncut dick bobbing as he gets pumped full of perfect Brazilian linguica. Now it’s Rico’s turn. As the most amply hung of the trio, he waited politely while Arthur opened the twink up for some heavy drilling.

Arthur gives Davi’s mouth something tasty to suck on and this threesome turns to a twink spitroast. Arthur’s back next, nailing Davi to the bed with a hard piledriving. He and Rico trade off screwing the young guy, and the sexual temperature heats to the boiling point. Davi squats over Rico and grinds his booty down into the muscle stud’s pumping tool. Arthur’s ass fucking has brought him straight to the edge, and he beats his load off into Davi’s cumhungry mouth. Rico’s huge splattering load covers the bottom boy’s face as he tries to lick up every drop.


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