MENATPLAY – Cristian Sam slams servant Javi Grey in “Butler Service 3”.

Cristian Sam is an eccentric multi-millionaire; owner of one of the largest fortunes in the country. His young butler, Javi Grey, always dressed in a tuxedo uniform, has served Cristian as a domestic worker for years and maintains a regular routine. He is a true gentleman’s gentleman! And, besides organizing and arranging the smooth running of the household, Javi regularly services his boss.

This morning, Cristian sits on his favorite velvet chesterfield and begins to read. But, he bores quickly and with one look of the eye at Javi, the non-verbal request to be serviced has been made.

Javi quickly gets on his knees and begins to worship Cristian’s shoes, socks and feet. The feeling of submission makes Javi moan just as much as the empowerment that runs through Cristian’s veins. A butler hears nothing, sees nothing, and only serves – and Javi has mastered this golden rule of butler etiquette very well.


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