MASQULIN – Benjamin Blue bangs Colt Spence’s ass in “Demolishing The Gloryhole”.

Benjamin Blue and Colt Spence are construction buddies whose current job is at a decommissioned Adult Video Store, clearing debris, and demolishing the old sex club in the basement.

Colt is the team lead who is getting increasingly annoyed at his goof-off coworker who is less than enthusiastic about clearing debris. Even still, all work and no play make for a dull day, and in construction pranking is how you keep the job interesting. After all, there’s nothing like getting your coworker off his game.

These young construction guys get a reaction from each other when it suddenly hits them just how much sex must have been had there over the years! As a joke Benjamin positions himself in front of the glory hole, turning on Colt in the process! Colt assumes the position behind the wall and shoves his cock through the wall before Benjamin goes to town sucking on his long shaft before getting his tight ass pounded and blowing his thick load all over.


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