Luca hammers a raw load into Troy.



Raunchy romance is in the air, as Troy Accola, and Luca Ambrose strip, kiss, and caress, while temperatures rise by a roaring fire. The protruding package in Accola’s black underwear gets the best of Luca, and he heads down to inspect further. He peels the drawers down, and immediately gets smacked in the face with Troy’s diamond hard dick. The twink feasts on the fat phallus, deep throating the D with some help from Accola’s hand to the back of the head.

Anxious to get at Luca’s gorgeous goods, Troy reaches around to feel the boy’s smooth seat, before getting on his knees, and going throat first onto the guy’s girthy gift. Luca isn’t shy about asking for what he wants, and pipes up with, “I want you to fuck me.” Troy is more than happy to oblige. He hammers the young dude out, while he’s bent over the ottoman, cock hard, and swinging. Next, the tatted top offers to bang the boy out on his back, and delivers on his porn-perfect promise. Ambrose’s raging rod dances with dick throbbing delight, while he watches Accola do his work.

The sight gets Troy going even more; and, he reaches over to give the hottie a brief handy. He then sits back on the couch, and lets the little spinner sit on his plump piece. He cups the guy’s can, while cramming him full of cock, then reaches down to feel how open Ambrose’s ass is before continuing. Luca grabs ahold his huge hog, and starts stroking, while Troy takes in the tantalizing sight. Soon enough, the boy busts, exploding all over his top’s tattooed chest, and shredded stomach. Troy feels a tightening in his sack, grabs his juicy jock, then spits his spunk all over Ambrose’s hot hole. He smacks the boy’s booty button with his beast, then shoves a cum covered finger up there for good measure.


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