Juicy Conclusion of Brazilian Jonatas making out with hunk barman Lucas.


In the juicy completion of our bar hookup between gogo boy Jonatas Bittencourt and horny barman Lucas Scudellari, Lucas climbs on a stool with his thick muscle butt sticking out for a rim job. Jonatas gladly obliges, grabbing those firm round cheeks to lick the hungry hole in front of him. They stand and rub their stiff dicks together.

Now Jonatas gets his turn to satisfy his cockstarved booty. Lucas drills his bare cock in as Jon pants for more. Lucas’ furry pubes tickle Jonatas’ crack as he plows in ball deep. The built gogo boy braces against the bar rail as his ass is pumped full of perfect mahogany brown dick. He climbs on to ride Lucas, perching one foot on a chair to get a better angle. Bouncing on Lucas’ tool, he works his bareback buddy to the edge of exploding in a hot deep squirt. After Lucas sprays into Jonatas’ face, the horny raw fuckers breed the load inside as they keep on fucking.


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