REAL MEN FUCK – Bath house dicks get a good suckin’

REAL MEN FUCK – Des Irez is cruising the bathhouse when he comes across ALFONSO OSNAYA with his hard dick out ready to get sucked. DES IREZ doesn’t need an invitation to get Alfonso’s dick down his throat stat! He slurps away like he’s sucking his favorite flavor of lollipop until the twink comes around to see who’s giving him such good head. The two studs make out for a minute as they rub their big veiny cocks together. Both are rock hard when Alfonso throws Des into the sling.

Alfonso gets on his knees and sucks Des’ asshole until he’s loose and ready for the dick that’s about to wreck his hole. Alfonso stands up and slams his cock deep into Des and picks up the pace to pound the tight ass in front of him. He keeps on plowing away until he creams all over Des’ used up man-pussy. He sloshes all over the floor and slides back in to make sure Des gets some cum up his ass before he pulls back out to leave Des panting and satisfied and dripping with cum.


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