Ashton Labruce fucks Edward Terrant in Cruising At The Mall


Ashton Labruce is being extra discreet as he cruises for sex near the hookup spot he heard about on It isn’t long before a slutty twink by the name of Edward Terrant spots Ashton from across the way. A quick chat over the App confirms the mall bathroom is out of service, but Edward knows of a seldom-used utility room where they can fuck and leads him confidently into the employees-only section of the facilities.

Building maintenance uses this corridor all the time but they’ve got some time until security makes their rounds. Ashton brings Edward in for a kiss and their feel each others’ hard bodies. Private hookups are rare when you cruise so Ashton makes sure to take his time. He slides his cock all the way into his smooth hole before Edward bounces on his hard dick. Ashton gives this little cumslut exactly what he wants, a huge facial!


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