A blast from the past.


FEATURING – Darenger McCarthy and Alex Mecum

Alex Mecum is on the floor working out his ripped abs when his phone rings. His old buddy from high school is actually in town for a trade show. They had a pretty big rivalry back in the old days when they were on the wrestling team together, and it’s about time they get together to catch up!

A competitive nature never really goes away. Trying on their old wrestling gear sparks some intense memories and they fall into old habits. Before you know it, they’re wrestling around, getting excited, their hard cocks bulging in their singlets.

Darenger McCarthy did always like to be on top, and Alex is more than happy to suck that big fat cock one more time before climbing on top of that human pile of muscle. Darenger pounds his ass just like old times, and shoots his load all over Alex’s face before Alex explodes, shooting all over.


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