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Skate Date

 Noah White and Joey Mills
Theres not many things hotter than a skater boy, except TWO skater boys! When putting the exceptionally twinkie Noah White and Joey Mills together, add in a skate board for good measure so the boys can work up an energetic sweat and shit is BOUND to go down! And sure enough, Joey Mills goes down first and fast. He feasts on Noah’s cock like any growing boy should. Speaking of growing, Joey’s junk is getting bigger by the second. The kid DEFINITELY has one of THE most gigantic cocks in the twink stratosphere. This definitely isn’t a problem for cock aficionado Noah. It’s pure porn ecstasy as Joey grabs the boy by the back of the head and rams his hugeness balls deep down his throat! Mill’s hole is crying for attention so White happily wiggles his tongue deep inside before dipping his wick in too! The apple pie all american heartthrob bangs that beautiful backside as Mill’s jacks his giant hammer. One good turn deserves another so Noah climbs on top and squats down swiftly, taking all Joey has to offer as the two make out like high schooler’s on Lover’s Lane. Joey lifts Noah up with ease to get at that ass. Apparently his tongue was a bit jealous of his cock so he gives it a crack at that ass and then REALLY goes to work, blasting away as his big balls slap the naughty boy’s cheeks. This is just too much for Noah’s nuts to take and he lets loose all over the sheets, then turns around just in time to get a face FULL of Joey’s joy juice, sucking out every last drop! We hope tomorrow is laundry day you dirty boys!


Cock Talk With Corbin Colby

Chandler Mason and Corbin Colby
Corbin Colby Has a confident swagger that even when clothed lets you KNOW he’s got DICK! It’s a special kind of confidence any good bottom can spot a mile away and Chandler Mason is no exception. He has the lucky job of grilling the stud. He asks all the right questions and finds out things we surprisingly didn’t even know yet, especially considering our boys already super star status. For instance, he is a bit of a control freak and also likes to bottom sometimes. However, when he does bottom his favorite position is riding. Not surprising coming from a hot man who enjoys cock control. In this scene, Colby is ALL top all the time! Hallelujah! Nobody can do work on an ass like this kid! Mason gets his motor running by ramming every delicious inch of Colby’s cock down his throat like dinner. Treating it right as this IS some gourmet meat folks. Corbin does some dining as well; taste testing Mason at each end before delivering the main course of massive meat. Chandler’s hole is obviously starving and Colby happily fills his hunger with a raw ramming. He’s thoughtful enough to work his way in slowly, letting the tasty twink’s insides rearrange as he gets accustomed to feeling this kind of fullness. Then Chandler lets go of his rock hard dick, holds his legs higher and relaxes into the pure pleasure of the massive top and into unbridled ecstasy. Cumming into the home stretch, Corbin cups Chandler’s ass with his massive hands allowing the beautiful bottom to let loose his love juice. Drenched in his bottom’s gooey glory, our top delivers one more course, a delicious dessert in the form of an epic cream pie. Mason makes the most of it, getting more than one helping as he bounces our big boy back in again…. and again….. and again.